Lensbaby Optic Swap System

One of the many options available in the Lensbaby Optic Swap System
Lensbaby Composer Pro Creative Effects Kit

Lensbaby Optic Swap System Explained

Welcome to my overview of the Lensbaby Optic Swap System

The Lensbaby Optic Swap System is designed for digital cameras that have removable lenses, such as Canon and Nikon, also for the industry standard Four Thirds and Micro Four Thirds systems (Olympus, Panasonic and Leica).  Lensbaby also manufacture a system compatible with certain Android/iPhones, further information can be found here.

To use these unique optics and create stunning images, you will need to purchase one of the many different kind of optic mounts that Lensbaby produce, some are listed below.

    • Composer
    • Muse
    • Composer Pro II
    • Spark
    • Scout
    • Control Freak

A word of advice here, not all of the optics in the Lensbaby Optic Swap System are compatible with all of the above mounts.  More details can be found at  lensbaby.com

Lensbaby Optic Swap System:Aperture DiscsI purchased a ‘pre loved’ Lensbaby Composer, with Plastic Optic as my introduction, keeping costs to a minimum.  This came with a full set of aperture discs with the unique Lensbaby aperture disc removal tool.

My investment was rewarded, as I really took to this style of photography.  Okay, I had numerous ‘fails’ in that I realised very quickly how much I had come to rely on the auto focus capabilities of my camera.  This needed to be redressed.

The diopter, or viewfinder, needs to be ‘calibrated’ – by this I mean you need to have one of your regular lenses on the camera, look through the viewfinder – is the image pin sharp?  If not, try adjusting it using the diopter adjustment wheel, until the image appears crystal clear.(Check your camera’s instruction manual for precise details on this.)

Set your camera into manual mode before taking any photos.  This will allow you to freely adjust your ISO and shutter speed, all of which are very important for this craft.

Lensbaby Optic Swap System:Sweet 50 Optic
Lensbaby Composer with Sweet 50 Optic

With the Composer (and Composer Pro II) you are able to lock the angle using the ring closest to the camera, the focussing is then done by the ring furthest away.  Depending on the subject and nature of the image you want to craft, you can then adjust the angle of the Composer – it is a ball and socket system so is very versatile.

To obtain the ideal depth of field for your image, use the aperture discs – these are simply dropped in front of the optic (certain optics only) and are easily removed with the special tool.

For more detailed information on the optics themselves, please check out my other pages in this website.

I hope that this overview has helped to give an insight into the Lensbaby Optic Swap System.

Please feel free to post any questions or comments below, don’t be a stranger!


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2 thoughts on “Lensbaby Optic Swap System

  1. I can see that become a photographer can start to be a very expensive hobby! I would love to keep buying all the wonderful gadgets out there. I think it will become addicting!

    1. Hi Ashley,

      Thanks for stopping by and reading my article.

      Haa ha – yes, I guess photography can be an expensive hobby, new equipment can be very costly.

      However, if you check out the ‘pre loved’ or second hand market (Ebay for example) you can find some great deals for used items.

      Check out the seller very carefully, as you would for any Ebay purchase, what are the reviews like, do they have a returns policy, are they willing to offer any form of warranty?

      I have been very fortunate, as a lot of my photography equipment has come through purchases from Ebay and I have not had any issues with any of my cameras or lenses.

      Happy clicking!

      Kaz 🙂

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