Lensbaby Composer – Double Glass Optic

Dragonfly photographed using the E400 with Lensbaby Composer and Double Glass Optic.

The Lensbaby Double Glass Optic is a highly rated and sought after addition to the Lensbaby collection.  The optic swap system allows for this to be used across multiple platforms, such as the Lensbaby Composer, Composer Pro and Spark.

As suggested by it’s name there are two elements to the Double Glass Optic, with a 50mm focal length, giving a very sharp rendition of the subject in the photo, but by the very nature of Lensbaby, blurring the background offering some wonderful images and effects.

This optic uses both the magnetic aperture discs and the special effect bokeh discs that are available.  These are simply dropped in front of the lens, offering apertures from F2.0 to F22.  They are easily removed with the magnetic tool that Lensbaby supply, which gently eases them out.  It is possible to use the Double Glass Optic without any aperture disc inserted, which gives an aperture value of F1.8, which gives a shallow depth of field.

Used in conjunction with the Lensbaby Composer, it gives wonderful results, using the tilt action of the Composer will offer a new focal point with the sweet spot being to the top, bottom, left or right of the image, as opposed to traditional lenses which are centre focussed.

This is a very good quality optic that should be in your camera bag or on your want list (Christmas/birthday etc.) and will give you outstanding results with photos that are unique and stand out.

Happy clicking!



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