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The Olympus E400, being a D-SLR camera, has the capacity to be able to swap lenses, from a zoom lens to a wide angle : from a portrait lens to a macro close up lens.  Or something a little more creative.

The quality of the Olympus E400 Four Thirds camera (sadly discontinued by Olympus) lends itself to the creativity of the Lensbaby Composer Optic Swap System.

The Lensbaby Optic Swap System is a system which has interchangeable optics, some of which give an ethereal effect to the image, blurring and distorting.  A little like abstract art.  Using the Composer as the mount, you then insert your chosen Lensbaby Optic and begin taking unique images.

Being lightweight and versatile, the E400 is compact to carry, compared to the semi professional E3 and E5.  Having a superb sensor, the E400 is able to create stunning images with the Lensbaby Composer Optic Swap System.

The craft of Lensbaby is a little unusual and initially takes some adapting to, but it is worth the practice and patience, creating stunning bokeh, wonderful depth of field and that tilt-shift effect.

Please feel free to visit this site many times, sharing any comments (good and bad) on the Four Thirds Lensbaby system below, building a community of help and resource.

Alternatively you can contact me via email: info@photogenixlandn.com 

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2 thoughts on “Four Thirds Lensbaby – Home

  1. I was looking for a compact one and E400 looks like can do the job. I think using it constantly. What do you think of the battery life and does it give better performance than E3?

    1. Hi Furkan,

      Good question!

      The battery life of the E400 is pretty good to be honest, but it’s always wise to carry spares for any camera you have, incase of failure.

      For an entry level camera, you cannot beat the E400 for the size and weight. The E3 will give a better performance but is aimed at the serious hobbyist/semi professional, it is twice the weight of the E400 and is more expensive.

      I highly recommend the E400 if you are able to get one.

      Thanks for stopping by!

      Happy clicking!

      Kaz 🙂

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